Real-time Wide Area Monitoring (Use Case #4)

Smart5Grid aims to demonstrate the 5G virtual PDC capabilities for serving the Wide Area Monitoring of end-to-end electricity networks: from Distributed Energy Resources at Medium Voltage level operated by DSOs, to High Voltage level operated by TSOs, as well as inter-TSO cross border Regional Security Coordination, aggregating the data from the PMU devices installed, enabling precise state measurements and processing to be made across grid segments. To do so, the four main functionalities of the developed Smart5Grid virtual 5G PDC NetApp will enable i) the comparison of different measured variables from various monitoring PMU devices for both real-time and historical data, ii) the real-time monitoring of triggered events detected by PMU devices, as well as snapshots of the events in various levels of detail, iii) the real-time displacement of the rate of change of frequency across the entire monitored network, and iv) configuration of the voltage magnitude and angle difference state measurements across the distribution and transmission grid segments in real-time. The developed 5G virtual PDC will be also applicable for TSO-DSO PMU configurations to maintain the stability of the overall power grid at national level.

Demonstration setup: The developed 5G virtual PDC will be demonstrated to the already deployed PMU devices of the cross-border area of Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria. The Smart5Grid will provide a more reliable TSO-DSO PMU communication link, at both national levels (Greece and Bulgaria individually), but also a TSO PMU configuration for interconnected cross-border smart grids.