Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Control (Use Case #3)  

Various power electronic devices of grid-connected, decentralized renewable power plants will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the developed monitoring platform on real operational conditions. The application will facilitate energy generation/consumption forecast for balancing purposes, enable energy cost optimizing and visualization of end user behaviour, to optimally manage the energy profile, operational availability and flexibility services, through respective markets (intraday and balancing markets) in millisecond-level information exchange. The platform will be designed for Hydro, Solar and Wind Power Plants, providing all the real-time operational information of the RES plants to the system operators and plant owners, allowing flexible plant management for procuring accurate and secure frequency and voltage control services by the DSOs/TSOs as well as visibility to plant owners for optimal plant management. The stringent requirements on the communication service availability and reliability will be achieved, among others, by the appropriate resilience and redundancy measures of the available generated power and accurate weather forecasts.

Demonstration setup: To demonstrate the developed novel monitoring and telemetry platform, devices such as sensors, inverters, and control units of the grid-connected renewable power plants will be connected to the Smart5Grid platform.