use case 3

Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Monitoring (+Control) – Use Case #3

In today’s energy landscape, large wind and solar farms can be remotely accessed and monitored, but a challenge lies in the case of smaller renewable energy systems. Integrating compact systems into monitoring applications is crucial not only for acquiring efficient management and real-time monitoring, but also for provisioning the RES stakeholders with in-depth, fine data. This information stimulates effective energy flow management, timely issue resolution, improved forecasting, and planning; enhancing informed decision-making.  Recognizing this integration requires technological advancements and standardized protocols. Thus, the Network Application of Use Case 3 (UC3) was developed to provide an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution for remote real-time access to RES power plants, bridging the gap in monitoring small-scale RES facilities and fostering cooperation among stakeholders.

Demonstration setup

A real-time monitoring of a wind farm, located in South-Eastern Bulgaria, is performed.
A set of key wind farm performance parameters such as turbine rotation and vibration, as well as environmental parameters such as wind speed, humidity, and ambient temperature, along with electrical parameters such as power output, grid frequency, and voltage will be collected, processed, measured and communicated via 5G connectivity.

The 5G Advantage

UC3’s innovation lies in exploiting 5G technology in IoT, and specifically in the energy sector—a pioneering move for the Bulgarian energy sector. This novel application allows access to crucial data with millisecond delay), scoping to reshape the current approach for renewable energy, a much-needed change following the trends of the energy sector transformation.

The current status of the solution is as follows: digital replication has been implemented (due to lack of 5G in the region where the wind turbine is located), performance signals are transmitted via MQTT broker through 5G Private APN, and the network application is running smoothly. Furthermore, the predictive maintenance enabler feature is active, with the network application hosted on a VM in the Vivacom Cloud.


Key Goals

UC3’s vision encompasses several goals:

  • Real-time RES Performance Monitoring: Keeping an eye on RES production and receiving instant alerts.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: Via exploiting hardware in the loop (HIL) demonstrations, UC3 showcases real-time production monitoring and control functionality.
  • Predictive Maintenance Enabler: Using a predictive maintenance enabler to ensure track of historical data and events for further analysis with the purpose of extending the life and efficiency of renewable energy assets.


The Role of Entra Energy’s Wind Turbine

Entra Energy’s wind turbine is at the heart of this demonstration. The system’s visualization and database components are carefully designed to offer real-time monitoring of RES assets and predictive maintenance enabler capabilities. It also seamlessly integrates alarm statuses and notifications, providing comprehensive monitoring.


Diverse Energy Sources, One Unified Solution

While the primary use case focuses on wind farms, UC3’s demonstration activities go beyond, showcasing real data from a hydro power plant and simulated data from a solar plant. This highlights the versatility of the Network Application, suitable for a wide range of energy sources.

A Solution for All

UC3’s solution isn’t limited to a few; it’s designed to benefit various energy sector stakeholders, including RES owners, system operators, BRPs/BSPs, OEMs, aggregators (only RES owners and system operators demonstrated in the project). As part of the Smart5Grid architecture, it also offers a platform for third-party developers and SMEs to add new functionalities, leveraging precise real-time energy production data.

The Network Application

The Network Application is the core of this innovation, offering three functionalities:

  • A real-time monitoring with millisecond latency for various RES parameters.
  • A predictive maintenance enabler that creates and maintains a historical database accessible for analysis to the DER asset owner and to third parties (under NDA), enabling the advancement of predictive maintenance algorithms, forecasts, and balancing optimization.
  • An MQTT broker functionalities that allows for quick and easy integration of additional data sources and measuring devices and acts as a communication agent to communicated back to asset in case of raised alarms.

The UC3 Network Application is now fully operational.