General Profile

Bulgarian Telecommunications Company EAD (“VIVACOM”) is fully integrated operator that provides mobile, fixed telephony, fixed broadband and pay-TV (both DTH and IPTV) services nationwide to residential and business customers. VIVACOM provides fixed line services through own fixed line network and mobile services through own mobile network based on GSM/EDGE (2G technologies), UMTS/HSPA+ (3G technologies), LTE/LTE-Advanced (4G/4.5G technologies) and 5G technologies. In September 2020 VIVACOM was the first to launch 5G mobile network in Bulgaria, initially in all 27 district cities. In 2021 VIVACOM continues its investments in 5G deployment with network coverage extended to over 200 settlements throughout the country. VIVACOM owns and operates one of the biggest and most modern facilities for satellite communications in the region – Plana teleport, which is able to deliver transmission and connectivity even to very remote points, including orbital positions in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


VIVACOM have received multiple awards for its state-of-art networks and technological advancement. Our mobile network was named fastest in Europe for 2020 according to results from tests taken with Speedtest® by Ookla® for Q1-Q2 2020 and Q3-Q4 2020. In 2021 we have received award for fastest 5G network in Bulgaria for Q3-Q4 2021, according to Ookla® analysis. Our 5G network has the best coverage in Bulgaria based on publicly available information of 5G coverage by number of settlements as of January 7, 2022.

Role in the Project

Major Tasks:

  • Construction and maintenance of a 5G mobile site for two wind energy parks near Sliven, owned by Entra Energy – support the validation procedure of Use Case 3.
  • Participation in the work on creation of a concept for the commercial realization of the products and services tested in the Smart5Grid project.

VIVACOM’s role includes:

  • Contributing to design of the use-cases, definition of the NetApps requirements and the architecture of Smart5Grid platform. Specifically, NIS will participate in the identification and classification of the open 5G platform architecture through T2.1, T2.2 and T2.3.
  • Contributing to the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support integration of high levels of variable renewable energy sources (T6.1) and NetApps integration and validation for the integration high levels of variable renewable energy sources into 5G connected smart grids (T6.2) by supporting Use Cases 3 and 4. Additionally, NIS will constructe and maintain a 5G mobile site for 2 wind energy parks near Sliven, owned by Entra Energy for supporting the Usa Case 3: Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Control through its active participation in T6.3, and will provide the necessary 5G coverage during the valdation of the Use Case 4: Real-time Wide Area Monitoring during T6.4.
  • Dissemination of information to increase project awareness and promotion of the Smart5Grid project work in conferences and events with targetes stakeholders (T7.1).

Project Related Information

Activity type: Private for-profit entities
EU Contribution: € 115 500