General Profile

Software Company Ltd is a Bulgarian private firm that specializes in software development. Since 1996, the company has offered a wide range of high-quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of software in Europe and USA. Our key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in this sector, a network of local and international partners, and a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality software solutions. The company is also ISO 9001:2008 certified. Software Company is the largest provider of PACS solutions in Bulgaria, with over 90% market share. We have experience in gathering requirements, designing, building and testing software related to medical imaging, renewable energy, electricity networks, business intelligence and others. In addition, the company is experienced in developing and customizing business intelligence applications, as well as software for managing databases and data mining.

We have worked with a number of partners from Europe and USA in the following areas:

  • Medical Software – PACS and RIS
  • Green Energy and Energy Efficiency software
  • Transmission and distribution grids applications/software
  • Custom software development for Windows
  • Web sites and Internet aware software
  • Database management software, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence

Software Company has successfully participated in several FP7 projects while participates in many Horizon2020 projects

Role in the Project

Leads: T6.2


Major Tasks:

  • Leading the NetApps integration and validation for the integration of high levels of variable renewable energy sources into 5G conncted smart grids.
  • SC will actively contribute to the design and development of the 5G NetApp for the Use Case 3 (Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Control) and Use Case 4 (Real-time Wide Area Monitoring), that will be validated and tested on the Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Greek cross-border pilots respectively.


SC’s role includes:

  • Contributing to the elaboration of use cases and system requirements analysis (T2.1), to the overall architecture design of open exeperimental 5G platform and NetApps specifications (T2.2) and to the definition of the system level technical specifications and technological choices for 5G enabled smart energy grids (T2.3).
  • Contributing to the development of use case specific NetApps of T4.1, focusing on Use Case 4. Additionally, SC will contribute to the NetApp deployment over the open experimentation platform (T4.2) and NFV automatic testing & validation framework through continuous integration (3). SC will also provide technical support and assistance to 3rd parties for NetApp deployment through its participation to T4.4.
  • Leading the NetApps integration and validation for the Use Cases 3 and 4, through its leadership of T6.2. Additionally, SC will contribute to the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support integration of high levels of variable renewable energy sources (T6.1), and to the actual field demonstration of Use Case 3 and Use Case 4 by its participation to T6.3 and T6.4 respectively.

Contributing to the dissemination and communication activities (T7.1) and to the market analysis (T7.2).

Project Related Information

Activity type: Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU Contribution: € 215 250