General Profile

Sidroco Holdings Ltd (SID) is a creative SME focusing on Research, Development and Inspiration. SID designs, develops and implements novel and innovative products, frameworks and tools. Together with these innovative solutions, SID also supports techno-economic analysis, business models and advanced market analysis using brand reputation tools. SID is able to support a variety of research solutions and integrated products in multiple domains such as network and system security, modelling and simulation, optimization, visualization, machine learning solutions, risk analysis and assessment, market analysis and business modelling. SID has also the capacity of undertaking integration tasks and objectives in software components and systems architectural bricks.

Role in the Project

Leads: T4.2


Major tasks:

  • Leading the NetApp deployment over the Smart5Grid open experimentation platform.
  • Contributing to the remote inspection of automatically delimited working areas at distribution level.


SID’s role includes:

  • Contributing to the elaboration of the Smart5Grid Use Cases and system requirements analysis (T2.1) and to the definition of the overall architecture design of open exeperimental 5G platform and NetApps specifications (T2.2).
  • Leading the NetApp deployment over the open experimentation platform through its leadership of T4.2. Additionally, SID will contribute to the development of use case specific NetApps (T4.1) and to the NFV automatic testing and validation framework through continuous integration (T4.3). SID will also provide technical support and assistance to 3rd parties for NetApp deployment through its participation to T4.4.
  • Contributing to the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support uninterruptible smart grid operation (T5.1) and on the corresponding NetApps integration and validation (T5.2). SID will also contribute to the actual field demonstration and performance evaluation of Use Case 2 (Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level) through its participation to T5.4.

Contributing to the dissemination activities for the maximisation of the project’s impact (T7.1) and to the intellectual property rights handling and innovation management (T7.5).

Project Related Information

Activity type: Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU Contribution: € 250 250