General Profile

NOSIA SRL is an established SME company founded in 1987, developing business lines and adapting the structure to the industry evolution changes for the Industry equipment supply to the Industrial labelling, including NFC tagging and KKS code creation. It also processes lines codification and identification; safety bursting discs and explosion vents, Industrial Led 4.0 projectors, anti-collision systems, real-time localization systems, fever detection equipments, tracking, zone readers and monitoring. NOSIA is currently covering industrial sectors from nuclear power plants, food industry, petrochemical till power plants and thermosolar industry. NOSIA understands that flexibility, professionality, competitiveness, and capacity of reaction are essential values, trying to provide and cover them with their customer expectation contract by contract.

NOSIA and ALIS Tech solutions were installed in one of the biggest market leaders Europian wise such as Skanska, Volvo, Škoda Auto, Heineken, Hydro Aluminium, Borealis, Danfos, Siemens, Mann Hummel, Iberdrola, Endesa, Enel, Akzo, Repsol, Tecnicas Reunidas, and Sener. Also, NOSIA has provided its services and technologies to customers all over the world; Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, Mexico, Canada, Most of European Countries, Qatar, Nepal, UAE, India, Argelia, Morocco and South Africa.

Role in the Project

Leads: T5.4


Major Tasks:

  • NOSIA will provide special routing devices for transmitting data in order to integration of RTLS with combination of existing cameras and sensors of the substations, running on internal server with usage of Artificial Intelligence and with data transfer through 5G connectivity provided by i2CAT.
  • Leading the actual field pilots’ demonstration and performance evaluation for Use Case 2 (Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level).


NOSIA’s role includes:

  • Contributing to the elaboration of use cases and system requirements analysis (T2.1) and to the overall architecture design of open exeperimental 5G platform and NetApps specifications (T2.2).
  • Leading the actual field demonstration of the Use Case 2: Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level through its leadership of T5.4. Additionally, will contribute to the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support uninterruptible smart grid operation (T5.1) and to the NetApps integration and validation for Use Case 2 (T5.2).

Contributing to the dissemination and communication activities of T7.1.

Project Related Information

Activity type: Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU Contribution: € 146 562,50