General Profile

Nearby Computing SL is a start-up based in Barcelona, Spain. It was created as a spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. As its main activity, the company develops and implants NearbyOne, a systems orchestration software with multi-edge and multi-cloud capabilities, which can be included in the field of the so-called Intent-Based Networking (sometimes Cross-domain Orchestration, or Network Automation) technologies. NearbyOne brings great improvements from a design approach not linked to a specific architecture or protocol but capable to connect with any type of them. It allows not only to automate the basic processes of the lifecycle of each network device, but also to create complex services, articulating all the typologies of elements present in the network (routers, servers, virtual network functions, applications) and so to be able to automate business processes to the exact measure of the needs of each client.

NBC has a highly skilled engineering team, including up to four PhD, extremely proficient in overcoming integration issues or inefficiencies, thanks to a deep knowledge of all the current techniques of network management, including the most recent and advanced ones. Accordingly, Nearby Computing is a very helpful partner when dealing with first-time integration/orchestration processes like is commonly the case in applied-research industry projects.

Role in the Project

Major tasks:

  • Provide free of charge its licensed orchestration platform and use it as the connecting and integrating layer and single pane of glass through which a relevant part of the planned use cases will be coded and deployed, as well, in some cases, real-time analytics, together with services performance KPIs, will be displayed and stored.
  • Contribute to the Smart5Grid network access/core platform building and orchestration, by performing the engineering tasks in the WPs where systems set-up, configuration and orchestration are needed. Also, NBC will build specific services on its orchestration platform so all kinds of situations can be planned and tested, characterised and compared, to converge to a stable solution that can also evolve and be efficiently managed during its useful lifetime.


NBC’s role includes:

  • Contributing to designing the use-cases, defining the requirements and the architecture of the Smart5Grid platform (T2.1, T2.2 and T2.3).
  • Actively contributing to the platform integration and interfacing between 5G and energy infrastructure (T3.3). Also, NBC will contribute to the Smart5Grid network access/core platform building and orchestration (T3.1), to the open source service repository (T3.2), and to the pre-piloting via hardware-in-the-loop demonstration (T3.4).

Contributing to the dissemination and communication activities (T7.1).

Project Related Information

Activity type: Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
EU Contribution: € 244 737,50