General Profile

i2CAT is a non-profit technology and innovation centre located in Barcelona, Spain, which promotes R&D&i activities in Internet Technologies within the ICT industry. The centre stands up for a new model in a new conception of innovation: the collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic environment and end-users. Thus, it eases an open innovation framework, characteristic of the Internet culture. The vision of i2CAT is to achieve Internet excellence in research and innovation activities applied to the market needs, and become an international strategic partner driving the deployment of the Internet across the economic, industrial and social sectors. Its board is based on an open innovation collaboration model ranging in all sectors mentioned before. Some board members are: Cisco, Orange, Fujitsu, Juniper, Interoute and Vodafone, plus four Catalan government departments and the three main technical universities of Catalonia, led by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). i2CAT’s activities are concentrated around, but not limited to, novel network services and technologies (fixed and mobile), open access networks, sensor networks, e-health, networked media systems and industrial Internet, with special focus on NFV and SDW/N technologies, new clean slate architectures, Future Internet experimentation, sensor networks, IoT, M2M, with EC footprint in 79 projects (1 FP6, 31 FP7, 33 H2020, 6 CIP and 8 in other EU areas), being 13 of them coordinated projects.

The strategic goals of i2CAT are:

  • Generating Research and Innovation activities according to the market needs by developing new value-added products and encouraging the creation of new technology-based start-ups which generate social and economic impact.
  • Easing collaboration between companies, public administration, universities and users in order to deploy new advanced experimental infrastructures.
  • Enhancing companies’ competitiveness through innovation and technology transfer.
  • Standing up for local development through international networking.

i2CAT main values are:

  • Integrating research, development and innovation, in order to create close innovation cycles.
  • Fostering co-creation in a quadruple helix model (university, company, public administration and users).
  • Carrying out activities both in international and regional environments.
  • Designing and building novel infrastructures.

Role in the Project

Major Tasks:

  • Contributing with its expertise in deploying a private 5G network in a substation at the energy distribution level to validate the use case scenarios in Spain (Use Case 2: Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level). Therefore, i2CAT will be active in the requirements definition, pilot implementations, from the high-level architecture / system level technical specifications (WP2) to the actual field pilot demonstration (T5.4).
  • Supporting activities to ensure a wide and measurable impact of the project results (WP7) and to contribute to the successful adoption of the Smat5Grid innovative features relevant for SMEs through the European (T2.4), national and regional channels, such as the 5G PPP, IoT Catalan Alliance and 5G Barcelona (T7.3).

i2CAT’s role includes:

  • Contributing to designing the use-cases, defining the requirements and the architecture of Smart5Grid through its participation to T2.1, T2.2 and T2.3. i2CAT will also provide support to the roadmap for the third-party experimentation during T2.4.
  • Contributing to Smart5Grid network access/core platform building and orchestration (T3.1), as well as to the platform integration and interfacing between 5G and energy infrastructure (T3.3). i2CAT will also support the pre-piloting via hardware-in-the-loop demonstration of T3.4.
  • Providing technical support and assistance to 3rd parties for NetApp deployment through its participation to T4.4.
  • Actively contribute to WP5: Uninterruptible Smart Grid Operation due to 5G Connectivity, via preparing preparing the Smart5Grid field platform to support uninterruptible smart grid operation (T5.1), integrate and validate the NetApps for Use Case 1 and 2 (T5.2), and build the 5G private network for the actual field demonstration for the ‘Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level’ Use Case (T5.4).
  • Contributing to the establishment of smart5Grid dissemination and exploitation activities through the participation in T7.1, T7.2, and to the innovation management through T7.5.

Project Related Information

Activity type: Research Organisations
EU Contribution: € 312 875,50