General Profile

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) is the oldest University in Greece and the first Higher Education Institution in the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean area. UoA has eight Schools offering a range of study areas defined by great variety and scope. Currently, students can choose among 33 bachelor’s and 183 master’s programs and also pursue doctoral studies. 39,789 undergraduates, 14,158 postgraduate students (at master level) and 8,753 Ph.D candidates, as well as 5,727 registered international students are pursuing their studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, supported by 1,643 professors, 402 other teaching and technical staff, as well as by 1.057 administrative staff members. Education and research facilities are located in an area of 700.000 sq.m. The internationalization of the UoA is a first priority, something that is proven from the 655 Erasmus Agreements with 336 universities of 31 European countries and its involvement in 60 scientific cooperation agreements with Universities worldwide (EU countries, US, Canada, China, Russian Federation, Japan, Australia, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Iran , Taiwan etc.), as well as Research Centers such as CERN (Switzerland), INRIA (France) and A * STAR (Singapore).

The Control Systems and Industrial Automation Laboratory of UoA covers the educational and research activities in the areas of control systems, power systems, energy and automation, including supervision of PhD studies and execution of research programmes in these scientific areas. Many research projects have been successfully conducted while some more are still in progress. The European Union and various national and international organisations and companies have financially supported them.

Role in the Project

Major Tasks:

  • Contributing to the definition of requirements and specifications of the demonstrated NetApps and Use Cases
  • Contributing to the development of the cross-border pilot (Use Case 4) and to the evaluation of the pilot’s results and NetApp validation.

UoA’s role includes:

  • Contributing to design of the use-cases, and the NetApp definition through its participation to T2.1, T2.2 and T2.3. UoA will also provide support to the roadmap for the third-party experimentation during T2.4.
  • Contribution to the actual field pilot demonstration and performance evaluation of Use Case 4 (Real-time Wide Area Monitoring) by supporting IPTO and OTE (T6.4). UoA will also contribute to the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support integration of high levels of variable renewable energy sources (T6.1).
  • Contributing to the dissemination and exploitation activities of the Smart5Grid for the maximisation of the project’s impact through its academic experience and networking (T7.1). UoA will also interaction with other 5G-PPP Programs (T7.3) and will contribute to the standardisation activities of the project (T7.4).

Project Related Information

Activity type: Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU Contribution:€ 165 000