The Smart5Grid dissemination strategy is focused on ensuring impact on society, technology advances, and strengthening European Innovation. Dissemination activities deal mainly with making public to a wide audience and the targeted stakeholders, the scientific and technological knowledge generated within the context of the project and how the findings can be exploited towards the active participation of SMEs and start-ups to the energy sector and market. The Smart5Grid activities will address the full range of potential users including the academic, industrial and vertical communities, along with all related SMEs, stakeholders, and end-users.

Three main dissemination actions have been identified for Smart5Grid:

i) Publications in conferences, journals, workshops, international events, relevant fora, etc.,
ii) Dissemination of the project outcomes to create awareness and to facilitate further uptake not only by the international research and industrial communities, but in particular SMEs that will greatly benefit from them to deliver innovative services, and
iii) Smart5Grid’s contributions and information exchange with relevant EU regulatory and policy making bodies and organizations to ensure a significant contribution of the project to relevant EU policy-making and regulatory efforts towards promoting the clean energy transition, the power grid liberalization and all political initiatives concerning smart grids to be undertaken by Europe in the next years.