Smart5Grid Final Event



The Smart5Grid project is quickly approaching its conclusion. We will showcase how the 5G based cloud-edge computing supported the implementation of our four real-life demonstrators to minimize the latency and foster the implementation of Network Applications for the Energy industry.

In more detail, the agenda entails the following discussions:

–          The energy industry, a pathway towards decarbonization and digitalization (10 minutes)

–          Challenges in the telco industry (15  minutes)

–          The project in brief: goals, achievements and overall results (20 minutes)

–          Integrated testing facility: the project core (20 minutes)

–          Italian pilot: IP monitoring tool for Smart Grids (40 minutes)

–          Spanish pilot: Realtime safety monitoring in HW substations (40 minutes)

–          Our stakeholders’ successful stories: insights from the platform external users (15 minutes)

–          Bulgarian pilot: real time DERs monitoring, control and predictive maintenance enabler (40 minutes)

–          Greek-Bulgarian pilot: wide area monitoring for system stability (40 minutes)

–          Exploitation – Roundtable discussions (30 minutes)

–          Project recommendations & conclusions (15 minutes)


Please, fill up this form to register for our Final Event and we will be prepared to welcome you in Brussels on the 9th of April 2024, from 09:30 AM to 5PM.

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