Network Apps developed and deployed in the Smart5Grid Platform

We are glad to announce that our Network Applications for supporting the pilots’ implementation have been successfully integrated in the Smart5Grid platform.

At first, a preliminary version of all the Network Applications has been instantiated months ago on the 5G edge nodes. These preliminary tests aimed at verifying the networking behaviour of the 5G edge and the proper functioning of the grid field’s components in supporting the pilots’ implementation.

In the meanwhile, all the Smart5Grid platform components have been developed and tested (individually) to perform the validation or the verification tests of the existing Network Applications. The scope of these individual tests was two fold: on one hand, they allowed our platform developers to perform continuous integration continuous development (CICD) platform tests with working Network Applications, and on the other hand to allow Network Applications developers to test and verify their applications using the platform components, and thus allowing them to detect and fine tune any inconsistencies.

Today, we can proudly announce that all the Smart5Grid platform components have been successfully integrated, and we used this integrated platform to perform an end-to end test, from the creation of a Network Application, performing a verification test for the correctness of the code, onboarding it on the Network Application Controller (NAC) and performing the runtime validation of those Network Applications in the implemented Edge Nodes.

Hereby, the list of the implemented Network Apps per each demonstrator:

Network Apps developed and deployed in the Smart5Grid platform