3rd Smart5Grid Roadshow

The 3rd Smart5Grid Roadshow took place on the 13th of June, in Spanish, in an online mode as a joint effort of several partners. There were presentations of different consortium members explaining from the objectives to the advantages of the project, going also through the technical aspects. Daniele Porcu, our Project Coordinator, from ENEL-GRIDS, did an overview of the project opening the event. Then, i2CAT presented the benefits of 5G technology and in particular, the private networks. Nearby Computing described the network application concept and showed NearbyOne that offers orchestration capabilities to the project. Then, ATOS explained the process of the development of a Network Application and the functionalities of two main components of the platform that are the V&V and the OSR. The Spanish use case was presented giving emphasis to the benefits of 5G in the distribution network from e-distribución. Finally, NOSIA shared their experience as SME working on a European project and all the participants were invited to collaborate on the project.