WG Trials Plenary meeting

Nicola Di Pietro (from Athonet) and Giovanni Nieddu (from STAM Tech) presented Unnterruptible Smart Grid Operation, Use Case 1, 5G Network Architecture and Network Application, during WG Trials Plenary meeting on 17th of May.

The Trials Working Group was launched by 5G IA in September 2016 after the publication of the 5G Manifesto of industry in Europe and in the context of the 5G Action Plan of the EU Commission. According to the 5G Manifesto industry in Europe will develop by beginning of 2017 a European trial roadmap on technology trials and Pan-European trials with vertical sector use cases.
6G-IA is hosting this Working Group in order to provide a neutral place for such discussions. The Working Group is open for members of 5G Infrastructure Association members, organisations from the European ICT domain and vertical sector organisations.
Membership in 6G-IA is not required to participate in the activities.


The objectives of the Working Group are as follows:


To develop the European Trial Roadmap based on the 5G Manifesto.
To facilitate the involvement of verticals in the trials roadmap.
To discuss and define business principles underpinning the economic viability of trials.
To consider and coordinate the activity on trials with other relevant initiatives at international level (e.g. proposal from China Mobile).