Deliverable 3.3 “Open Network Applications Repository”

Smart5Grid builds an open-access platform that accommodates experimenters to access, develop in a collaborative manner, share and test Network Apps on simulated 5G and energy vertical production environments. One of the prominent components of the Smart5Grid platform is the Open Service Repository (OSR). This deliverable describes in detail the design, specifications, and implementation of the Smart5Grid platform OSR and the User Interface. The OSR is the open Network App repository that stores Network Apps and all their subcomponents Network Services (NSs), Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), Virtual Deployment Units (VDUs), and images. This deliverable reports the results produced from the work done in Task 3.2 “Open Service Repository” with the addition of the development of the Platform User Interface. By the time of the submission of this deliverable the OSR service (T3.2) is considered complete. The report includes an overview of related software services with similar goals and their functionality, existing in the market or being developed by ICT-41 projects. The OSR strengths and functionality are presented in detail. In order to better understand the main object whose information is stored in the OSR, there is a dedicated section on the Network App information model (IM). While the OSR can support the evolution of the information included in the Network App IM, it follows its main structure and defines a compatible data model. For the complete understanding of the OSR’s internal and external communications all the methods per component interface provided by the OSR are explained. Finally, we explain all technological decisions, implementation, deployment, testing, and CI/CD methods performed in the process of creating the OSR and the Platform User Interface.


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