Smart5Grid Use Case #4 Services – Network Application video

This video offers a description of how to utilize a Network Application consisting of three virtual network functions (VNFs) for a Real Time Wide Area Monitoring use case, as well as an overview of the user interface (UI).

The three VNFs implement the following services:
– Virtual Phasor Data Concentrator (vPDC) Service: vPDC is responsible for aggregation and synchronization of the data provided by the Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) placed in the surrounding area between Greece and Bulgaria.

– Monitoring Service: Monitoring service is responsible to present several status indicators and visualization features of the PMUs such as nominal grid frequency [Hz] , measurements reporting speed [fps] or phase diagram of voltage and current vectors.

– Advisory Service: Advisory service will propose remedial actions for the real-time operation at both TSOs and ex-post analysis provision in case of a severe event occurrences in the grid.

The Network Application was developed under Smart5Grid project by five of its partners (Software Company, IPTO, OTE, Vivacom and ESO).

You may find the video at Smart5Grids YouTube channel here:

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