2nd Smart5Grid Roadshow entitled ‘5G empowering the energy sector’

On the 9th of March, the 2nd Smart5Grid Roadshow entitled ‘5G empowering the energy sector‘, was held in Athens. Six Greek partners (8Bells, OTE, University of Athens, IPTO, Sidroco and INFOLYSiS), represented by G. Kontopoulos, M. Rantopoulos, E.Zoulias, D.Brodimas, T. Saoulidis and M.Koulaloglou, participated in the event focusing on subjects such us 5G Network programmability, related business opportunities and Developing a Network Application on the Smart5Grid platform. Additionally, the 4 Smart5Grid pillars were presented focusing on the 3rd and 4th, ‘Precise distributed generation monitoring at msec-level use case’ and ‘Real-time wide area monitoring of cross-border power exchange use case’ respectively. At the end of the workshop, the Impact Ecosystem was explained focusing on the 5GPPP initiative and its future.