24th Infocom World 2022

In the context of the Workshop ‘Research Projects for creating the Future and Innovative Telecoms Market’, which was organised by OTE, in conjuction with the 24th Infocom World 2022, in Athens (29th-30th November), Smart5Grid partners organised a Special Session entitled ‘5G in the Smart Grid – The Novel Approach of the Smart5Grid European Project’. Smart5Grid Partners, OTE (Dr. I.Chochliouros, Mr M.Rantopoulos), Entra Energy (Ms R.Rumenova)  and IPTO (Mr. D.Brodimas) contributed with 5 presentations, which introduced the project, communicated the Opportunities and Challenges for DSOs/TSOs and the developing of a modern network interconnection scheme by the 5G operators, as derive from UC4.Additionally, a presentation on Distributed Energy Operation & Maintenance in RES Installations was introduced as derived from UC3. Finally, the Essential Components and Core Features of the Smart5Grid Platform for Implementing the 5G Perspective were also presented.