5GPPP TB face-to-face meeting

Our Project Coordinator Daniele Porcu from Enel Group and our technical manager Antonello Corsi from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa participate in 5GPPP TB face-to-face meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece!


8th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference

In the context of the 8th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (https://attend.ieee.org/isc2- 2022/), which took place in Paphos, Cyprus on the 26th -29th of September, Smart5Grid Project successfully organized a Special Session on 5G for Smart Cities and Smart Grids. The conference was organized in hybrid format with stakeholders from communication, ICT, intelligent transportation, and energy domain along municipalities across the globe (participants from more than 40 countries from all continents). The theme of this special session was focused on 5G technology and cloud native solutions for smart grids and smart cities applications. The presentations delivered by Smart5Grid’s partners University of Cyprus, KioS Research Center and Sidroco, were related to results from pre-piloting activities of UC3 (Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Control) and UC4 (Real-time Wide Area Monitoring), respectively, and a contribution focused on the Network App concept of the Smart5Grid project showcasing the Network App developed and the testing and validation procedure for the UC2 (Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level). During the session several discussions were raised regarding the values used for the latency range of several communication technologies such as 3G, 4G and 5G that were compared for the prepiloting tests of the UC3 and UC4 (if they come from actual field tests or from the literature – the answer is that they came from both sources), then how the protection scheme of the wide area protection was configured and another question was related to the type of AI algorithm used for fast processing of images from cameras for the NetApp of UC2. In this context and with the effort and contribution of several Smart5Grid Partners, the following 3 papers were submitted in the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference and presented.

  1. Hadjidemetriou, A. Akrytov, K. Kyriakou, C. Charalambous, M. Asprou, I. Ciornei, G. Ellinas, C. Panayiotou, “Wide area control of distributed resources through 5G communication to provide frequency support” in Proc. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC), Paphos, 2022, pp. 1-7.
  2. Asprou, A. Akrytov, L. Hadjidemetriou, C. Charalambous, I. Ciornei, G. Ellinas, C. Panayiotou, “The Impact of Wireless Communication Networks to Wide Area Monitoring and Protection Applications” in Proc. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC), Paphos, 2022, pp. 1-7.
  3. Grigoriou, A. Moukoulis, T. Saoulidis, R. Santiago, H. Simeao, S. Castro, P. Encinar Sanz, I. Prieto Borrero, A. Betzler, S. Cadenas, I. Ciornei, “Remote Monitoring at Distribution Network of Dynamically Constrained Working Areas” in Proc. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC), Paphos, 2022, pp. 1-7

‘The flagship IEEE Smart Cities event brings together practitioners, city policymakers & administrators, infrastructure operators, industry representatives and researchers to present technologies and applications, share their experiences & views with current and future Smart Cities applications”

5G-PPP SB face-to-face meeting

5G-PPP SB face-to-face meeting took place on October 4th in Athens! Our project coordinator had the chance to make discussions with other ICT-41 projects!