Smart5Grid project is in OSM community

The Smart5Grid project will develop network applications tailored to the requirements of existing real operational issues faced by the modern smart energy grids, and thereby it will heavily contribute to the energy vertical ecosystem. NetApps will be consisted of appropriately chained VNFs that will be developed on the Smart5Grid platform and tested and validated on real power grid infrastructures and under true operational conditions.

Then, the successful and wide adoption of the Smart5Grid NetApps will allow the smooth penetration of MNOs, telecoms, ICT industries and SMEs into the energy sector for provisioning novel network services, but also, it will offer automation and real-time inspection and control to the existing energy stakeholders. The real-life validation of the Smart5Grid NetApps has been planned to take place in four countries: Italy, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria and the demonstrated scenario and setup for each use case is described in the subpages.
Smart5Grid uses Open Source Mano (OSM) to orchestrate the NetApp, i.e. OSM deploys the Network Services (NS) with their respective CNFs that are part of the NetApp when the NetApp Controller instructs OSM to do so.










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