Smart5Grid in MeditCom Conference 2022

In the context of the 2nd Meditcom Conference which was held in Athens on the 5th-8th September 2022, Smart5Grid project participated, with physical attendance, in the hybrid joint Workshop titled ‘NetApps into Beyond 5G and 6G Network’. During this workshop, Antonello Corsi and Giampaolo Fiorentino from ENG, had the opportunity to present the Smart5Grid main achievements of the first 20 Months of the project. In more detail, they illustrated the NetApp definition, descriptor, the Smart5Grid platform and presented Use Case 3 (Millisecond Level Precise Distribution Generation Control). A list of possible extensions foreseen for the upcoming 6G networks was also provided.

This workshop was co-organised from 9 ICT-41 Projects (Smart5Grid, EVOLVED-5G, 5G-ERA, 5GASP, 5GMediaHUB, 5G-INDUCE, VITAL-5G and 5G-EPICENTRE) and the aim was to bring together all the NetApp stakeholders, discuss their experiences so far and pave the way for NetApps into 6G to span all domains RAN/CORE/Transport/Devices/Applications.