Webinar: 5G Use Cases for the Energy Vertical

The Smart5Grid Consortium would like to invite you to the webinar ‘5G Use Cases for the Energy Vertical’, to be held on Tuesday, 21 June at 13:00 CET.

Τhe aim of this workshop is to discuss the application of 5G technology in Smart Grids via the following Use Cases:

  1. Automatic Power Distribution Grid Fault Detection.
  2. Remote Inspection of Automatically Delimited Working Areas at Distribution Level.
  3. Millisecond Level Precise Distributed Generation Monitoring.
  4. Real-time Wide Area Monitoring of power exchanges (cross border).


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No. Time Description Speaker
1 10 min Introduction:

– Energy vertical vision

– Telco vision

Daniele Porcu (ENEL)
2 20 min Session 1: Automatic power distribution grid fault detection Fabrizio Battista (ENEL)
3 20 min Session 2: Remote inspection of automatically delimited working areas at distribution level Inmaculada Prieto (ENEL)
4 20 min Session 3: Millisecond level precise distributed generation monitoring Athanasios Bachoumis (UBITECH)
5 20 min Session 4: Real-time wide area monitoring of power exchanges Dimitrios Brodimas (IPTO)
6 15 min Questions & Answers session