D7.3 “Dissemination, communication, preliminary exploitation, and standardisation report – Period 1” is available

This deliverable reports Smart5Grid dissemination and communication activities, project’s
interaction with the 5G-PPP and other 5G-PPP research projects, an initial market analysis, a
preliminary exploitation plan and the initial standardization activities, during the first year of
the project.
In specific, communication channels, communication activities and interactions are
described in detail and evaluated against the goals that were set in D7.2 ‘Plans for
Dissemination and Communication, Standardisation and Interaction with 5G-PPP’, delivered
in M3 of the project’s lifetime.
Regarding communication channels, the Smart5Grid website and social media channels were
created since M1, and their update with new content, posts and news is continuous,
highlighting the latest project’s activities and achievements as per communication plan and
strategy. Newsletters are also issued quarterly, providing an important source of information
about the consortium’s activities. Other means of communication, like leaflet and poster,
were also created in M6 and are used by partners during events for better promoting the
project’s main concepts and use cases.
Although, during this 1st year of the project, the core effort of the consortium focused on
the technical WPs, early enough several partners started also contributing to the proper
dissemination of the Smart5Grid project by presenting the project to conferences, 5G-PPP
webinars and big events like InfoCom World 2021. Additionally, they contributed to many
types of publications like conference paper, 5G-PPP white paper, articles, press releases,
brochures etc. Finally, control mechanisms, evaluation of results, social media and website
statistics as well as the impact of initial performed dissemination activities are presented in
this document, while communication, dissemination goals and plans for the activities of the
next period are also set.
Regarding 5G-PPP collaboration, Smart5Grid is committed with the 5G-PPP Programme and
its intention to actively contribute to it in order to maximize its impact.  Being identified the
5G-PPP and 5G IA WGs relevant to the project and the representative partners for each of
them, in this deliverable, we report the main activities of each of these WGs during the first
year, as well as the concrete Smart5Grid contributions to them. The list of on-going phase 3
projects with which we identified some kind of synergy and potential collaboration is
foreseen and has been also updated.
Furthermore, as identified in the preliminary market assessment, the trends and dynamics of
the Smart Grids are positive, as we have both a supportive regulatory framework and a shift
to renewable energy sources which creates challenges to existing energy networks. After the
first year of the project, we are updating the individual partner exploitation plans, while,
during the next phase we start focusing on opportunities for cooperative exploitation.
Finally, Standardization activities during Y1 have mainly covered monitoring of some ESOs
dealing with 5G ongoing challenges, as these have been identified by the several partners
of the consortium (including 3GPP TSG SA WG2 (SA2), Open Source MANO, ETSI ISG MEC
and ETSI ENI ISG). As the main architecture of the Smart5Grid project has been recently
proposed (i.e., by early of October 2021 in the scope of the respective deliverable D2.2), it is
expected that more standardization-related effort shall take place in the forthcoming
periods, in parallel with the corresponding trials.

You may find the deliverable online here: https://smart5grid.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Smart5Grid-D7.3-v1.0_final.pdf