Smart5Grid D7.2 “Plans for Dissemination and Communication, Standardisation, and Interaction with 5GPPP” is available!

The Smart5Grid project through the D7.2 describes the initial plans that will be applied by the Smart5Grid Consortium, related to WP7 activities of communication, dissemination, standardisation and the interaction with 5G-PPP plan throughout the entire life cycle of the project. This deliverable is addressed towards SME’s, vertical industries, academia/industry researchers, general press, technical/non-technical audience and the public. Moreover, the communication plan emphasizes on the various channels that will be used, and the overall action plan developed for communicating the project to all the relevant stakeholders to achieve the maximum impact. The dissemination action plan incorporates all the appropriate means that will be utilised to efficiently transmit the Smart5Grid results and the technological advances to the corresponding targeted audience. The project’s standardization plan and the cooperation with rest 5G-PPP projects will be applied throughout the partners’ participation and their contributions to SDOs, 5G-PPP/5G IA and the energy industry. The plans described hereby, will be constantly updated, while adapting to the project requirements for attaining the maximum impact. You may access it online here: