Οn the 1st of Dec. 2021, Dr. Elisavet Grigoriou, Director of Sidroco Holdings, with expertise in cybersecurity in the energy domain, was invited to participate as a panelist in the Transnational Workshop on Smart Energy Management Systems and Smart Grids, which took place online
The event was organised in the context of JAUNTY, which is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project aiming to develop Joint Undergraduate Courses between Higher Education Institutes for Smart Energy Management Systems.
This transnational event aimed to bring together academics, professionals and stakeholders in the Information Communication Technologies and Electrical and Computer Engineering fields to present the current findings and progress of synthesizing and analyzing the best practices on Smart Energy Management Systems training.
The event enclosed three discussion themes (1) Smart Energy Management Systems: Challenges & Impact; (2) Cyberattacks & Countermeasures in Smart Energy Management Systems; and (3) Skills and Trends for Smart Energy Management Systems.
Dr.Grigoriou participated in the third theme “Skills and Trends for Smart Energy Management Systems” describing the required skills that need to be developed in the Smart Grid & Smart Energy Management domain and how should they be related with training/educational programmes and presented the forecasts about the transformation of the market around the developments in Smart Energy Management Systems, highlighting the Smart5Grid approach. More specifically, she presented how the market will be transformed by the Smart5Grid NetApps that will be developed during the project.

You may find more information about the event in the link below: https://ithaca.ece.uowm.gr/jaunty_multiplier_event/