5GPPP Annual Journal of 2021

The European 5GPPP Annual Journal of 2021 is now available! You may access it and find Smart5Grid project (pp 127-128) among other H2020 research projects. You may read it online here:


The sixth issue of the European 5G Annual Journal was released at the end of May 2021.

COVID-19 has been and still is a tremendous challenge for all people on the planet and has also impacted our constituency. Many activities within the 5G PPP could somewhat advance thanks to remote access to labs and online conferencing. However, we saw delays in most projects, in particular as we are in the third phase of the 5G PPP with many trial and demonstrator activities. However, R&I initiatives on 6G technologies are now starting in leading regions worldwide, with the first products and infrastructures expected for the end of this decade. In January 2021, a first set of 6G projects was launched, worth 60 million EUR under the 5G PPP with the Hexa-X flagship developing a first 6G system concept complemented by 8 projects investigating specific technologies for 6G, putting Europe on a par with our global competitors. In February 2021, the Commission adopted a legislative proposal for the upcoming European partnership on Smart Networks and Services (SNS) towards 6G, the successor of our 5G PPP.


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