Endesa participates in the European Smart5Grid project

A very interesting article (in Spanish) has been released showcasing the role of Endesa X in the Smart5Grid project. It also shares a brief overview about the project. You may access and read the article online here:

Endesa, through e-distribution, its electricity distribution subsidiary, is part of the European project Smart5Grid (Demonstration of 5G solutions for SMART energy GRIDs of the future) in which 24 companies from seven EU countries are participating, coordinated by Enel through Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks The project, which this week has held its launch meeting, will take place between 2021-2023 and aims to analyze the uses of 5G to radically transform the operation of the distribution network and improve its operation. 5G technology, characterized by a greater quantity and speed in data transmission, is going to become a key ally of the energy sector.