revolution in
the energy
vertical industry
successful establishment
of four fundamental functions
of modern smart grids!
open 5G
supporting integration, testing and
validation of existing and new 5G
services and NetApps from 3rd parties
smart grid
renovation of the power
distribution grid
through 5G connectivity
and specific NetApps!






network operators


power grid operators





Smart5Grid Involved Countries


  • Smart5Grid New leaflet

    Smart5Grid Project has a new leaflet. Smart5Grid boosts innovation in the energy industry vertical by providing an open 5G enabled experimentation platform customized for smart energy industry vertical and developing extended and highly demanding Network Applications. You may find it online here:

    Jan, 2023
  • Smart5Grid at Enlit Europe

    Smart5Grid project was present in Enlit Europe, which took place in Frankfurt between 29/11 and 01/12. Smart5Grid project had a stand in the European Commission‘s Project Zone and it was well visited by interested parties. In this context, Mr. Daniele Porcu, delivered a presentation during the Session: Europe’s Digital Decade: Part One: Digitalisation, in the

    Jan, 2023
  • Smart5Grid at 5G Italy

    In the context of the 5th edition of 5G Italy “Towards the telecoms of the future”, which was held in Rome, Italy, on the 29th November -1st December, Mr. Giampaolo Fiorentino from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa disseminated Smart5Grid project with a presentation entitled as “Smart5Grid as a revolution of the distribution network through the connectivity

    Jan, 2023
  • 6G SNS website

    The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) has launched its new website which will be sharing information regarding 6G research and innovation: European-funded projects, funding opportunities, ongoing and past calls, procurement, job vacancies, a list of events, and the latest news and publications. You may find it here:

    Jan, 2023


  • Smart City Expo World Congress ’22

    Smart5Grid Project was present in Smart City Expo World Congress ’22 through Ubiwhere’s booth. Visitors who attended the event and joined us were very interested in the project’s objectives, the members who consist the Consortium and showed a particular interest in how 5G will be used in energy grids and the use of the Network

    Nov, 2022
  • 5GPPP TB face-to-face meeting

    Our Project Coordinator Daniele Porcu from Enel Group and our technical manager Antonello Corsi from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa participate in 5GPPP TB face-to-face meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece!   In the context of the 8th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference ( 2022/), which took place in Paphos, Cyprus on the 26th -29th of September, Smart5Grid

    Nov, 2022
  • Smart5Grid’s participation in Sustainable Places 2022

    During the high profile sessions and panel discussions of Sustainable Places 2022, Daniel Shangov and Krasimir Vlachkov, as representatives of Smart5Grid partner ESO EAD, disseminated a presentation entitled Smart5Grid Solutions for Enhanced TSO Grid Observability and Manageability in Massive RES Penetration Environment in the context of “Grids and Demand Response” Paper Session, which took place on the

    Sep, 2022
  • Ubiwhere Summer Session – Welcoming Summer with New Tendencies in TELCO

    The “Ubiwhere Summer Session – Welcoming Summer with New Tendencies in TELCO” took place on the 28th of June, from 9.30 am to 1 pm GMT. The two panels showcased the main areas of intervention of Ubiwhere’s R&I projects, focusing on the company’s diversified offers and solutions. The sessions included a set of prominent personalities

    Jul, 2022