revolution in
the energy
vertical industry
successful establishment
of four fundamental functions
of modern smart grids!
open 5G
supporting integration, testing and
validation of existing and new 5G
services and NetApps from 3rd parties
smart grid
renovation of the power
distribution grid
through 5G connectivity
and specific NetApps!






network operators


power grid operators





Smart5Grid Involved Countries


  • Special Session on 5G for Smart Cities and Smart Grids

    In the context of the 8th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Smart5Grid organises a Special Session on 5G for Smart Cities and Smart Grids. Smart cities and smart grids are twin concepts since both integrate advanced information and communication technology (ICT) towards enhanced automation and digitalization. This allows the participation of green communities in modern governance

    May, 2022
  • European Digital SME Alliance News

    Interested in news around the SMEs world? Then you have to visit the news webpage of European Digital SME alliance and learn all about the world of SMEs in Europe. The European DIGITAL SME Alliance is the largest network of ICT small and medium enterprises in Europe, representing more than 45,000 enterprises in total. The

    May, 2022
  • Smart5Grid Project in Social Media

    Smart5grid project exists in all popular and impactful social media platforms! You may find us in the following channels: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Feel Free to follow us and engage with our content!  

    May, 2022
  • D7.3 “Dissemination, communication, preliminary exploitation, and standardisation report – Period 1” is available

    This deliverable reports Smart5Grid dissemination and communication activities, project’s interaction with the 5G-PPP and other 5G-PPP research projects, an initial market analysis, a preliminary exploitation plan and the initial standardization activities, during the first year of the project. In specific, communication channels, communication activities and interactions are described in detail and evaluated against the goals

    Apr, 2022


  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Students Conference 2022

    On April 15th-17th, ΑΔΜΗΕ – IPTO’s Department of Research Technology and Development participated as a major sponsor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Students Conference (ECESCON). IPTO through a booth and a workshop aimed to inform the participants regarding the “Enabling Advancements in the Future Energy System”, based on the topics of the “Grid Enhancing

    May, 2022
  • Smart5Grid 5G Networks Programmability Workshop

    On the 21st-22nd of March, Smart5Grid project was invited to participate in the EVOLVED-5G Project Τraining Workshop in collaboration with the Computer Science department of Athens Metropolitan College. The Training Workshop was entitled “5G Networks Programmability” and new opportunities and perspectives were presented in the context of the European research project EVOLVED-5G. The 100 attendees

    Mar, 2022
  • Smart5Grid in MWC 2022

    Smart5Grid project has been represented in the MWC Barcelona by ATHONET. The Smart5Grid overview video has been displayed along with dedicated materials. You may learn more about the event here:

    Mar, 2022
  • Athonet’s UPTIME 2022 Conference

    On January 26th-27th, UPTIME, the global event hosted in the evocative setting of Villa Griffone, home of Guglielmo Marconi and cradle of wireless communications, brought together an audience of around 1000 Private 5G and LTE professionals. The event consisted of two days of meetings and conferences, broadcast live on webstream, to deepen and discuss the

    Feb, 2022